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D.C. Mayor’s Open Government Advisory Group Begins Work

dcogcadmin | December 3, 2014

Mayor Vincent Gray in late October established (by Order 2014-250) an advisory group to evaluate progress on open government in the District of Columbia executive branch and make recommendations for future improvements.  The fifteen members include twelve from government and three public members.The chair is the Mayor’s General Counsel, Brian Flowers.

Information on the Advisory Group is at its official site on

The group’s initial work is reviewing responses to an earlier order 2014-170 by the mayor in July 2014 requesting reports from each D.C. government agency on their existing open government activity. One function of the group is to suggest ways these could be improved.

These agency Open Government Reports are available at the Office of Open Government’s website (by cluster), and Github (by agency). 

The Advisory Group meets in public as any other public body in the District. 

Its next meeting is on Wednesday, December 3 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 1117 at 441 4th St., N.W.  Members will present their reviews of the agency reports. And a portion of the meeting will be set aside for public comments.  Written comments are also encouraged and may be emailed to  All comments will be made publicly available.  The group’s inaugural meeting on November 19 is available for viewing; the December 3 meeting will be recorded and eventually streamed online. For meeting video, see here.