In the District of Columbia, the law states that "all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and employees." The DC Open Government coalition is here to ensure the District government lives up to its promise.

Access your government through DC's transparency laws

The DC government is legally required to provide make public records and meetings accessible to the public. If you are trying to access public records, public meetings, or public datasets, the DC Open Government coalition has compiled information about how you can access them.

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Advocate for greater transparency in DC government

Part of the mission DC Open Government Coalition is to improve the processes by which the public gains access to government records and proceedings, and to educate the public and government officials about the principles and benefits of open government in a democratic society.

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News and Updates

Read the latest blog posts from the DC Open Government Coalition.

D.C. Transparency Watch Updates – charters and FOIA, MPD stop and frisk data, FOIA portal improvements, school advisory groups now covered by Open Meetings law, and more great uses of FOIA by the public and the press

As summer ended, the Coalition gathered a bumper crop of developments to keep you posted: Charters and FOIA. A hearing October 2 will center on a bill introduced by Charles Allen (D-Ward 6) and four…

D.C. Coalition Asks Government for Secret List of Six Schools Where Sexual Abuses by Employees Took Place

D.C. school officials declined this week to release a list of six schools. All six have had a substantiated claim of sexual abuse by an employee since January 2018. On Friday (23), the Open Government…

Coalition Urges (Again) That FOIA Be Expanded to Cover Charter Schools; And This Time Dozens of Others Agreed

The D.C. Council has wrapped up the Fiscal Year 2020 budget but held an eight-hour hearing June 26 on process details: how to allocate and track education dollars flowing to schools in the traditional system,…

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