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Initial State Dept. review found months-long gap in Clinton emails – The Hill

dcogcadmin | September 16, 2015

An initial State Department review concluded that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not send a single work-related email through her personal account for roughly four months during her tenure, though the government claims it has since filled in the gaps.

timeline of Clinton’s email “gaps” circulated internally among State Department officials this year shows that Clinton did not send or receive a single email on the personal account for a month and a half after being sworn in as the nation’s top diplomat in 2009.

After receiving her first email through her private email address in March of that year, she waited nearly another month before sending anything out, the timeline shows.

Then at the end of her time at the department, Clinton went for another month without sending a single email.

The State Department quickly pushed back on the newly unveiled timeline, which it said was based off an initial oversight.

The only “gap” in Clinton’s email records, according to State Department spokesman Alec Gerlach, is the one from Clinton’s early days as secretary, when she received emails through a previously revealed second email address [Read More]