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Happy Sunshine Week: Introducing The Foilies, Round 1 – Electronic Frontier Foundation

dcogcadmin | March 19, 2015


March 16, 2015 | By Dave Maass

Happy Sunshine Week: Introducing The Foilies, Round 1

Welcome once again to Sunshine Week! It’s that time of year when journalists, citizen watchdogs, community activists, data wizards, political gadflies, public-records litigators, and open-gov fanatics come together to champion the cause of transparency and commiserate over the obstacles we face everyday while chasing sunlight.

A few weeks ago, EFF put out a call for nominations for The Foilies, a set of awards to recognize some of most absurd, frustrating, and outrageous interactions with the government that the transparency community experienced in 2014.  We received dozens of submissions crossing the spectrum, from local citizens butting heads with city officials to national media organizations struggling against some of the largest federal agencies. With the help of the Sunlight Foundation, Muckrock, and CJ Ciaramella of the FOIA Rundown we filtered the most noteworthy, sorted them by broad themes, and we will be rolling them out in batches over the course of the week. [Read More]