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DC says releasing police body camera footage would come with challenge of blurring faces, protecting private information – FOX 5 DC

dcogcadmin | April 22, 2015

The debate is underway in D.C. over making footage from police body cameras public.

City officials say a big challenge is blurring out certain images which they view as private.

The proposal by the mayor’s office to keep all footage private is meeting resistance with the president of the D.C. Police Union as well as several government watchdog groups.

City officials say the process of keeping private information private would be very difficult.

However, D.C. Police have released – with faces and private information blurred – footage from two actual traffic stops.

One is just over four minutes long and the other goes on for more than 9 minutes.

In both, the viewer can hear the officers interacting with the drivers but the drivers face and personal information is never shown.

Both videos appear to be unedited [Read More]