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100 Million Pennies For Your Thoughts? DEA Hands MuckRock A $1.4 Million Estimate For Responsive Documents –

dcogcadmin | February 11, 2015

from the one-agency’s-pocket-change-is-another-entity’s-small-fortune dept

The EFF recently kicked off a contest for the “most outrageous response to a Freedom of Information Act request” and we already have a frontrunner for the first inaugural “Foilie.” MuckRock’s loose confederation of FOIA rabblerousers has been hit with a $1.4 million price tag for John Dyer’s request for documents related to the “localization and capture” of Mexican drug lord “El Chapo.” (Or Joaquin Guzman, as he was presumably known to his mom.)

The price tag for the requested documents is almost absurdly high. Almost. [To Read More]