Appendix C -- Follow-up with non-complying bodies

Follow-up with Three Public Bodies with No Data Posted

Real Property Tax Appeals Commission

  This body appeared to have published no meeting information in the year we reviewed.  At the time of our review, the calendar in a “Newsroom” section of the Commission Web site included a notice of one Commission administrative meeting in April 2013 and an agenda for another in August 2013, but none for the period of the present review.  Staff confirmed we hadn’t missed anything.

  The Commission also meets in panels to do its work of hearing appeals of property appraisals from which real estate taxes are calculated. These hearings are concentrated in the early months of each fiscal year and it’s not clear if notices are posted in advance of the many sessions.  The Commission Web site includes lists of panel hearings and the properties for review in each, from September 2013 through January 2014. These appear not to qualify as “notices of meetings” as intended by the Act, as they seem to be post-dated (all, back to September 2013, bear the date of January 9, 2014).  

Rental Housing Commission

  This body sets allowable rent increases and decides appeals of initial decisions on tenants’ claims their rent went up too much.  It is administratively a part of the Department of Housing and Community Development but information on Commission meetings is invisible on the department Web site.  Staff said the Commission holds only hearings and that activity is noticed only on a signboard outside the Commission office, updated monthly. 

Judicial Disabilities and Tenure Commission

  This body considers several kinds of matters concerning members of the judiciary in the District – complaints that a judge’s conduct warrants disciplinary action; involuntary retirement of a judge for reasons of health; evaluation of judges seeking reappointment; and evaluation of judges who retire and wish to continue in senior status.  As in prior years, staff explained their view that no information needs to be posted as the Commission holds no public meetings.