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D.C. body-cam access aired on Newseum TV

D.C. is at forefront of national debate over need to protect public access with sensitivity to crime victims' privacy concerns.

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Coalition updates nationwide body cam access report

Find out how states, cities are addressing thorny issues of collection, retention and public access.

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Coalition's first amicus brief tests Council exemption claim

Superior Court ruling would create 'FOIA black hole' from which Council records might never escape.

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 1:59pm

Genet Amare, an official with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, has filed a whistleblower lawsuit in Superior Court that -- if its allegations are proved -- gives a rare window on a D.C agency’s disdainful treatment of public records requests. 

The case has been mostly noticed as a sidebar within the story of the departure of the agency head, Melinda Bolling, let go recently by the mayor under what Washington City Paper Loose Lips columnist Mitch Ryals last week (29) called “vague circumstances.”  See also Martin Austermuhle’s account at WAMU last week (28), headlined "turmoil continues at DCRA as three top officials pushed out" after Bolling.

Posted on Monday, November 19, 2018 - 9:08am

UPDATES 12-3-18: 

Schools. Chancellor selection announced today (Monday) -- Lewis D. Ferebee, now schools' chief in Indianapolis. The citizen advisory panel was called back for a meeting Saturday with two finalists and a brief feedback session with the mayor. No resumes provided. Obviously no time for independent vetting such as by contacting civic groups in hometowns or speaking with press who have covered candidates. Nor any meaningful conversation with selecting officials. The Post had previously noted officials' disappointment at the lack of strong candidates, and on Saturday reported a leak of the two finalists' names, Ferebee and Amanda Alexander, the interim D.C. chancellor.